Author’s Dialogue

Why do I write?

“A picture is worth a thousand words, but a few words can change its story.”
To me, a picture with words makes perfect sense. So I draw, I paint and I write.

How did I start the writing journey?

My writing started in a rather accidental way. I remember one day I was mesmerized by a character in a newly finished painting I did.

‘There’s a story behind,’ I thought to myself. ‘I could give it a go with writing.’

I spent nearly a year writing and illustrating the story until it was good enough to become a children’s picture book. I thought this book was just made for myself, my future kids, my friends, and their kids, but soon the number of the audience increased.
After I self-published the first book, I got some good feedback and praise from my readers. Among them, one even insisted me writing more children’s stories.

Not until I had my second child, I started to plot the second story, which turned out to be the most challenging and daunting task I’d ever had.

However, it was the hardship led me to a brand new path – writing stories for children.

What do I write?

First of all, let me get it clear.
I don’t write for adults. I write stories mostly for children from 0 to 9. I write picture books, chapter books and anything in between.

In my stories, there are many strong characters, such as wild creatures, timid animals, kind fairies and brave people, especially the brave girls.
I write about courage, kindness, and traditions. I write sad stories, as well as happy ones. But no matter what the story’s about, it always, and always ends up with a good ending!

What inspires me in writing?

My childhood, my life experience, the people I met, the stories I read, and most of all, it’s nature that inspires me in writing.